Mark Levatich

In his TEDMED 2014 talk, Mark Levatich urges us to imagine the possibilities of a world vivified by electricity.

"Electricity should be boring by now, but waves of revolution ripple up from initially small innovation to consume and transform our world. Why, when we see the timeline, and the consistency of change, could we ever think the wonder is done?" – Mark Levatich


Mark Levatich has a broad background in innovation spanning the fields of biology, health care, and engineering. Always a tinkerer as a child, he began with cancer research and proceeded to dabble in nucleic acid engineering, computational biology, and neurosurgery. Mark holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees in biology and engineering from Cornell University. He spent time as a Medical R&D Engineer at Novasentis, which manufactures the world’s thinnest and most flexible electro-mechanical polymer haptic actuator and sensor technology to date, used to develop medical, mobile, and wearable products that come alive with movement and sound. The mission and vision of Novasentis is to shape the “Neo-Sensory Age” and empower people to have deeper physical and emotional bonds with the world through their devices. Currently, Mark is the Director of Data Science and Strategy at Bottlesnake.


An Emerging Era of Vitalized Electricity: Q&A with Mark Levatich

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Disruptive Biomedical Engineer