Stephen Goldner

Forensic toxicologist and attorney Stephen Goldner shares the compelling story of how helping one person turned into a lifelong effort to change (and, in some cases, even save) lives.


Both a forensic toxicologist and an attorney, Stephen Goldner has more than 35 years experience as a regulatory professional in the healthcare arena. As an FDA advisor, he has helped achieve approval for 230 drugs and medical devices. Steve is credited with the development of the liquid dose form of methadone and various screening tests for drug abuse. He is the Chairman and CEO of CureLauncher, a free, consumer- friendly resource that connects patients to clinical trials based on their unique goals and conditions through the use of live “relationship managers.” He is working on a novel, Waking Up Dead, the untold story of a real political assassination at the UN and how the New York Medical Examiner’s Toxicology Lab solved the case. Currently, Stephen is spearheading the nation’s foremost cannabis testing laboratory, Pinnacle Labs, which will open in the fall of 2015.


Words of advice for trials & tribulations: Q&A with Steven Goldner

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