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Progress towards a healthier world begins with individuals who are willing to break the limits of convention, and to challenge the status quo. These innovators embrace imagination and aren't afraid to explore both chaos, clarity, and the space between in order to discover new paths to a healthier world.

This mindset is catalyzing exciting innovations across health and medicine in areas like life science and therapeutics, medical tech and devices, digital and mobile health, healthcare systems, care delivery, reimbursement models and IT, public health, advancing science, and more.

Each year, TEDMED celebrates the ideas behind progress in health and medicine through a program called The Hive, which is dedicated to celebrating the power of imagination and human potential. 

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The Hive at TEDMED

In previous years, the Hive Innovators participated in a special session called “Audacious,” to share how their visonary ideas and boundary breaking innovations were affecting change in every area of health and medicine. This session featured a unique format, wherein each talk was delivered in a unique, 2-minute format, that was sharply focused on how they were catalyzing progress. Their ideas were creatively linked into 4 specially themed “mini-segments” that highlighted how even the most diverse set of entrepreneurs were connected by a single passion: to re-imagine healthcare and shape a healthier world. 

Audacious was featured at TEDMED 2016-2018. Starting in 2020, a new program will be introduced for The Hive innovators. This program does not involve the "Audacious" session but rather enables a more commmunity centric engagement and broader exposure for each innovator and the idea they power. 

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Sometimes finding the path to a problem’s solution requires you to look at a problem from an entirely new point of view. The Innovators in this segment are all helping us see large health concerns in new ways.

The more we discover about our genetic makeup, the more we reveal the vastness of what we don’t yet understand. A cyclical relationship has emerged: as raw genetic data expands beyond the bounds of what humans can manage, we evolve machines to pick up the slack, and with each computer-fueled advancement, so grows the data we produce. The Innovators in this segment are ensuring that data keeps growing, and that we have the machines to keep up.

The world around us dramatically impacts our health. Sometimes our surroundings have positive effects, and in some cases the environment we live in can be life threatening. The innovators in this segment are leveraging the world around us to keep us healthy, and safe from potential harm.

Getting access to needed care is one of the biggest barriers to wellbeing for large swaths of the population. Even highly motivated, health conscious patients can be stymied when the expertise or treatments needed are out of reach. The Innovators in this segment are working to connect patients and care.

The Hive Nomination
& Selection Process

A Hive organization may be nominated by one of its members, by a colleague, by any member of the TEDMED community, by TEDMED’s Editorial Advisory Board and/or by members of the TEDMED staff. If you would like to nominate an organization for the Hive, please use our online nomination form below. 

TEDMED also consults incubators, accelerators, academic institutions, innovation centers and venture capitalists for nominations that should be considered for the Hive. If you are from, or know of, an accelerator, incubator or innovation center that should be included in our nomination process, you can contact us here.

All Hive nominees are referred to TEDMED and its Editorial Advisory Board. TEDMED also relies on outside feedback from our Research Scholars, a diverse group of carefully selected experts who have professional training, objective knowledge, and institutional credibility. 

These groups work collaboratively to evaluate each nominated Hive organization and its leadership in order to ensure scientific rigor and credibility, topical relevance, and cutting-edge innovations that reflect the power of human potential and challenge the status quo across health and medicine.


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We consider ALL nominations that come through, but because of submission volume, we are unable to respond to each. Rest assured, your nomination will be fairly evaluated.

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