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The TEDMED Live program gives people on the front lines of health and medicine access to every speaker on the TEDMED Stage, live or on demand. 

Whether it's with 5 people or 500, we encourage everyone to gather together remotely and join us as a part of the TEDMED community. Not everyone can make it to TEDMED in person and we don't want that to slow the momentum of the ideas presented from the TEDMED stage. So we give everyone the opportunity to join our community remotely through a live and on-demand video stream. 


Watch Any
Session Live:

March 2-4, 2020

Streaming directly from our stage in Boston, Massachusetts. Don't forget to add your voice on social media using #TEDMED.
 All Sessions
Available On-Demand:

March 2–April 4, 2020

After the conclusion of each session, video is available on-Demand through April 4, 2020. You don't have to watch live, experience TEDMED on your time.


Get TEDMED Live Streaming


Thanks to our Partners, you could qualify for FREE access! 

Qualifying Institutions Include:
Teaching Hospitals, Medical Schools, Schools of Public Health, Nursing Schools and other Academic Institutions.




What is TEDMED Live?

Watch a live simulcast of TEDMED's stage program, in high-definition video, that can also be accessed on-demand.

We encourage our global community to make the most of their simulcast experience, by hosting a gathering with friends, colleagues, and community members. Gatherings enhance the viewing experience and allow for deeper exploration of the topics discussed during our stage program.



Who Should Join?

Come one, come all! Anyone who is interested in science, health, and medicine should join in viewing TEDMED's Stage Program via Livestream. The mission of the TEDMED Live Program is to share TEDMED's content, creating opportunities for organizations and industry leaders on the front lines of health and medicine to come together, experience stories shared on the TEDMED Stage, and inspire the exchange of different perspectives and new ideas around the world.

We encourage you to gather members of your organization to view communally, discuss the topics presented, and participate in the conversation through social media using #TEDMED. Not interested in hosting a gathering? Not a problem; you can watch anywhere on your own from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Have a remote gathering by sharing your access code with others in your approved organization, and host a virtual hangout to dive deeper into the Stage Program.

That's why, thanks to our partners, we make TEDMED Live FREE for qualifying teaching hospitals, medical schools, schools of public health, nursing schools, and other academic institutions. 



Where is TEDMED Live? 

Video will be made available at TEDMEDlive.org.  Every approved organization is provided a special code that can be used to access the TEDMED Stage Program. 

We encourage participants to host a gathering to enhance their viewing experience. While TEDMED Live can reach anyone with streaming capabilities, discussing the topics presented on stage with a local group of colleagues, students, or friends enriches the community experience.  For more information on how to make the most of your viewing experience, click here



When is TEDMED Live

MARCH 2–4, 2020

Streaming directly from our stage in Boston, Massachusetts. Don't forget to add your voice on social media using #TEDMED.

MARCH 2APRIL 4, 2020

After the conclusion of each session, video is available on-demand through April 4, 2020. You don't have to watch live, experience TEDMED on your time.



Technical Specifications?

Whether you're watching via laptop, tablet, mobile phone, or standard definition, accessing TEDMED Live is as easy to access.

TEDMED Live uses the Livestream content delivery platform which supports a broad range of web and mobile browsers. For the latest technical specifications, please see https://livestream.com/platform/tech-specs.

The live simulcast stream is sent at four different levels of video quality to accommodate various bandwidths on all mobile devices and desktops meeting our technical requirements.

Get TEDMED Live Streaming


To help you take care of all of the planning and logistics, we've provided some helpful information below. Choose from the links below to jump to a specific section.   

Selecting a Venue

From a logistics perspective, it's best to select venues that already have a built-in infrastructure, such as a university or corporate auditorium. Things to keep in mind:

  • Internet connectivity required
  • Ability to project video on high-quality HD monitors or screens
  • Large enough to accommodate your entire audience, yet intimate enough to foster conversations
  • For a larger gathering, a raised stage with good lines of sight for everyone helps with a panel discussion
  • Space to mingle, have lunch, enjoy each others company
  • No outside noise
  • Bathrooms conveniently located
  • Comfortable seating

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Currating Your Audience

Inviting viewers from multiple disciplines and fields is critical to creating an environment that generates unexpected connections and collaborations among your guests.

TEDMED Live presents an extraordinary opportunity to build relationships – strengthening those that are established and fostering new ones. Consider hosting lunches, dinners, or cocktail parties and inviting influential members of your organization to enhance the conversation and connect the stage program topics to your community.

Be sure to review our Stage Program, and invite local experts on the topics we'll be exploring. This will enhance the discussions you have between viewing sessions. 


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Engaging Your Audience

When planning out your gathering, consider ways to highlight voices of local subject matter experts to enhance your audience's understanding of the topics presented. Prepare discussion questions that guide the conversation in the room, have smaller group activities to explore topics more in-depth, or simply build in time for reflection on what people in the room just heard. 

Organize healthy activities
Consider organizing a run, walk, yoga, or another exercise activity to start TEDMED Live on a healthy note. Provide healthy snacks throughout the day. Have a meditation session during a break. 

Participate in the Global Conversation
Incorporate ways for your audience to participate in the global discussion via social platforms using #TEDMED. Whether it's sharing the highlights of your discussions, or asking questions of those who are in the room in Boston, your audience should feel a part of a larger community.

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Promoting TEDMED Live at your Institution

To help you promote your TEDMED Live gathering, we've put together a package of helpful documents you can use to create some buzz and get the word out. This package includes posters, flyers, email templates, and more that you can customize and use to share the event.

Promotional Package                                     TEDMED Stage Program

It's important to make sure you get the word out. In today's world, there are plenty of options to help you do that efficiently and easily. Choose from the links below to jump to a specific section.    

Spreading the Word on Your Campus

The following are simple ways to spread the word about TEDMED Live on your campus:

Social Media

  • Social media sharing can go a long way, and it's free! Click here for more information.

Common Areas

  • Hang posters in common areas: dining halls, local cafés, bathrooms, department bulletin boards, bars, and libraries.
  • Does your college allow sidewalk chalking? If so, chalk lets you create enormous billboards that are certain to be seen. Buy an inexpensive bucket of sidewalk chalk (the thick kind) and bring those well-traveled sidewalks on campus to life!

Academic Departments

  • Email the heads of departments that you think will want to experience TEDMED Live (think medicine, science, technology, and policy). 
  • Visit the department administrative assistant and see if you can leave a stack of flyers or quarter cards for students and faculty. Better yet, see if the administrative assistant will leave a flyer in everyone’s mailbox (a common and often successful request).
  • See if a department head will pay for an advertisement in the school newspaper; our poster is a handy template.
  • Ask the department to announce your TEDMED Live gathering. This is normally done in an email blast to the department, or to its website activity board.

School Newspaper

  • Contact the editors of your school newspaper to tell them about TEDMED Live Streaming. Ask them to post an announcement about it, and to attend – they may want to do a write-up of the event.

Student Clubs

  • Send an email to the presidents of student clubs that you think will want to experience TEDMED Live (again, think science, technology, design, innovation, and policy, plus pre-med, wellness groups, entrepreneurs, etc.). 
  • See if student club presidents will send out an email blast to their members announcing your TEDMED Live gathering using our template in the promo package.
  • Enthusiastic club presidents may be willing to hand out flyers/quarter cards at their next meeting.
  • If you are looking for extra hands to help you put on your TEDMED Live gathering, have the club presidents ask their members to volunteer.

Student Affairs Department

  • Contact your school’s student affairs department to find out about options for free announcements in student periodicals and email blasts.
  • Many student newspapers will have a weekly or monthly list of events on campus. See if your TEDMED Live gathering can be listed in this section of the newspaper.
  • Many times, the student activities governing body will have funds set aside for emergency and last minute events on campus; see if you are eligible for funds to cover copy costs and ads.


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Spreading the Word at Your Organization

The following are simple ways to let your colleagues know about TEDMED Live:

Internal Communications Department

  • Talk to your organization’s internal communications, training, and development as well as HR departments about sending out an email to employees announcing a live viewing of TEDMED talks at your company.
  • See if your organization’s internal communications, training, and development, as well as HR departments, will put up flyers in designated announcement areas around your institution.
  • Speak to these departments about other opportunities to spread the word, such as an announcement in the employee area of the company website, an advertisement in internal print material, or a flyer/quarter card in employee mailboxes. 

Common Areas

  • Hang posters in common areas. If your company allows it, hang your posters in eating areas, near vending machines, restrooms, department bulletin boards, and anywhere else you are able to.

Social Media

  • Social media sharing can go a long way. Click here for more information.

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Using Social Media

Facebook and LinkedIn

Connect with us on Facebook or LinkedIn for up-to-date info. Please feel free to share content from our TEDMED Facebook or LinkedIn pages. This includes TEDMED posts, TEDMED blog posts, content from other organizations who are also a part of the TEDMED Live community, and videos of your favorite TEDMED talks. 

We encourage you to use the hashtag #TEDMEDLive when posting about your gathering on social media.

Twitter and Instagram

Twitter and Instagram are fantastic ways to recruit attendees for your gathering and to update them on conference details. Use the hashtag #TEDMEDLive, or your own TEDMED Live name #hashtag to help promote your engagement with TEDMED Live. Follow TEDMED on Twitter and Instagram for up-to-date info.

Retweet TEDMED curated speakers and topics, talk about logistics, and ask questions of other people on Twitter/Instagram using their @handle.

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To elaborate on some of the specific benefits of participating in TEDMED Live, we've provided some helpful information below. Choose from the links below to jump to a specific section.

Schedule your TEDMEDLive event with flexibility. 

Your institution can experience the TEDMED program in two convenient formats:

Live: TEDMED Live viewers can join the TEDMED community in Boston by watching each session live during the days of the event, March 2-4, 2020.

On-Demand: For scheduling convenience, viewers have access to TEDMED Live On-Demand, available from March 2 - April 4, 2020 to accommodate communities in all time zones.

If you are interested in hosting a TEDMED Live event but need to schedule it outside of the dates listed above, access will be granted on a case-by-case basis. Please contact tedmedlive@tedmed.com for more information. 

Sessions are available in their entirety. We encourage watching complete sessions at your gathering, not just single speakers, as that is how the stage program has been designed.

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Technical Requirements

All you need is internet access!

To experience the highest quality video and ensure an uninterrupted stream, you will need a minimum of 1 Mbps (1000 kpbs) for SD or 3 Mbps (3000 kbps) for HD through a wired internet connection and a large display screen/monitor suitable for the size of your auditorium or conference room.

PC/Mac Requirements:

  • The latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari, or IE versions 8 and above.
  • The latest version of Flash
  • Display: 1280x720 (720p)
  • 1.83 GHz Intel Core Duo or faster (Mac) or 2.8 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or faster processor (PC)
  • At least 256MB (Mac) or at least 512 MB (PC) of RAM
  • 64MB or greater video card
  • Connection to a dedicated Ethernet line with at least 1 Mbps download bandwidth for SD or 3 Mbps for HD

Mobile Requirements:

  • Any current iOS device,
  • Current Android phone or tablet with a high level of desktop flash support
  • Current Windows Tablet.
  • NOTE: At this time we do not support Windows Phone playback

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View on Laptops, Tablets and Standard Definition. 

The live simulcast stream is sent at four different levels of video quality to accommodate various bandwidths on all mobile devices and desktops meeting our technical requirements.

Once a live session airs in completion, the video of that session will be made available On-Demand within 10 minutes.   

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Creating a Logo  

We have a standardized style for all TEDMED Live Streaming logos, so each retains the same look and feel. Below, we've provided templates you can download and customize. Each includes a text field for you to type in your approved name (in Helvetica) so it will appear in the approved position. A .psd file and .eps are provided, and can be customized for your gathering using Photoshop or another Adobe product.

TEDMEDLive Logo Downloads: White Background

TEDMEDLive Logo Downloads: Black Background

  • Typeface: Helvetica
  • “TEDMED” in all capital letters
  • Logo: TEDMEDLive 2020, with your Approved Name below and to the right, as above. 
    • When on a black background, your approved name should appear in white font.
    • When on a white background, your approved name should appear in black font.
  • Header: "TEDMEDLive Streaming" as two words
  • Body copy: "TEDMED Live Streaming" (as three words - the 2020 may be ommitted.)
    • "TEDMED Live Streaming" (written as body copy), should appear in the same color as the surrounding body type. 



When possible, a spot color should be used for the logo — this is preferable, because this is the best way to reproduce TEDMED red (Pantone 485). If specifying a spot color is not possible, the 4-color process (CMYK) method of printing may be used.


Background Colors


Any use of the TEDMED Live Streaming brand in the public domain must be approved by TEDMED prior to usage i.e. Press releases, social media announcements, etc. 

Use of the TEDMED Live Streaming 2020 logo should only appear in conjunction with the TEDMED Live Streaming 2020 content.