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 Watch a live simulcast of TEDMED's stage program,
in high-definition video, live or on-demand. 

The TEDMED Live program helps us deliver the ideas discussed on our stage to those on the front lines of health and medicine around the world. Whether it's with 5 people or 500, we encourage viewers to gather together and join us as part of the TEDMED community.

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Thanks to our Partners, we offer TEDMED Live FREE to: 
Teaching Hospitals
Medical & Nursing Schools
Schools of Public Health
Academic Institutions (K-12 & Beyond)
Government Agencies

*Review our rates and viewing options for other organizational access options.

Schedule your gathering to fit the needs of your organization

To accomodate schedules around the world, every approved organization can view the stage program live or on-demand at You choose when to watch:

Watch Any Session Live
Nov 14 - 16, 2018

Streaming directly from our stage in Palm Springs, California. Don't forget to add your voice on social media using #TEDMED.
 All Sessions Available On-Demand
Nov 14 - Dec 14, 2018

After the conclusion of each session, video is available on-demand through Dec 14, 2018. You don't have to watch live, experience TEDMED on your time.


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Get access to streaming video of all talks, live from the TEDMED Stage in Palm Springs, CA. Watch all talks:

: Nov. 14–16, 2018; or 
On Demand: Nov. 14 – Dec. 14, 2018

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Baptist Health CareMedical University of Warsaw

   Imperial College

What does TEDMED Live cost?

TEDMED Live is available to anyone with an interest in the future of humanity’s health. Thanks to our partners, we're able to offer complimentary TEDMED Live access to many students, doctors, nurses, educators, and policy makers at qualifying institutions. If you are not a part of a qualifying institution and would like to bring TEDMED Live to your company, we offer additional access options for non-profits and for-profit organizations.


    Qualifying Institutions Include:
    Teaching Hospitals, Government Agencies, Medical Schools, Schools of Public Health, Nursing Schools and other Academic Institutions.

    Qualifying Institutions Include:
    Non-profits and charitable organizations registered with 501(c)(3) status are eligible for our non-profit access rate of $7,500.

    Qualifying Institutions Include:
    All for-profit organizations and corporations are offered our corporate access rate of $10,000.

What do I get with my access? 

Every approved organization is provided a special code that can be used to access the TEDMED program, live Nov. 14-16, and on demand from Nov. 14 through Dec. 14, 2018. Video is accessed online at

The mission of the TEDMED Live Program is to share TEDMED's content, creating opportunities for organizations and industry leaders on the front lines of health and medicine to come together, experience stories shared on the TEDMED stage, and inspire the exchange of different perspectives and new ideas around the world. We strongly encourage every participating organization to gather together and watch with groups of colleagues and friends. In this spirit, we hope that organizers will share their access code to others within the approved organization and champion remote gatherings and conversation.

However, it is important that organizers DO NOT distribute their access code beyond the members / employees / students of the approved organization. Sharing of the access code publicly or to those beyond the approved organization is strictly prohibited.

Check out our guidelines for ideas and more information about bringing TEDMED Live to your organization.

Get TEDMEDLive Streaming

Bringing the world together to shape a healthier world 
Please honor & respect the TEDMED Live guidelines.
The following provides specific details and usage rules for the TEDMED Live Program – what is allowed and what it is prohibited. If your application for a TEDMED Live Access is approved, you are expected to adhere to the following conditions. Breaking these conditions will result in termination of your organization's access to TEDMED Live.   
What is the mission of TEDMED Live? 
The mission of the TEDMED Live Program is to share TEDMED's content, creating opportunities for organizations and industry leaders on the front lines of health and medicine to come together, experience stories shared on the TEDMED stage, and inspire the exchange of different perspectives and new ideas around the world.
What is TEDMED Live? 
The TEDMED Live Program streams video direct from the TEDMED Stage to remote gatherings at approved organizations around the world. We broadcast the entire program, direct from the TEDMED stage, in high-definition video, via the Internet, live and on-demand, to accommodate schedules around the world. 
Who is TEDMED Live available to?
TEDMED Live is available to everyone with an interest in the future of humanity’s health. Each year, we provide free access to as many qualifying organizations as possible. Paid access is also available for non-qualifying organizations. To find out more about our access options, please refer to our Access Options page.
Apply today at
How is TEDMED Live experienced?
TEDMED Live video is made available online at, and all sessions can be streamed live during the event, or viewed on-demand. Content can be streamed via personal computers, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, and projected in classrooms and auditoriums. Group viewing is strongly encouraged.
Each TEDMED session lasts approximately 90 minutes and is comprised of 5-7 curated talks on important and/or provocative health and medicine topics. You and your community have flexibility in terms of which talks to watch and when.  
Program content can be watched on personal laptops or mobile devices – live or on-demand during the week of the live event.
Program content can be watched in classrooms or auditoriums for people to experience in groups, live or on-demand during the week of the live event.
Approved organizations can invite their own subject matter experts to facilitate further discussion centered on the specific TEDMED session(s) viewed. Recommended formats: panel discussions, interactive dialogues, and debates. 
The facilitated discussion topics at your gathering should be centered only around the TEDMED program content. Introducing speakers talking about non-TEDMED topics at a gathering using the TEDMED Live content or logo is prohibited.
Any costs associated with organizing your TEDMED Live gathering is the responsibility of the host organization.
What TEDMED Live is NOT?
While we enthusiastically provide access to TEDMED content to those on the frontlines of health and medicine around the world, it is important that the use of TEDMED Live content maintains the expectations outlined above, and maintains the integrity of its intended use. Examples of use not permitted are outlined below:
TEDMED Live is not an “independently organized” TEDMED or TED event (i.e., TEDx).
TEDMED Live is not an opportunity to duplicate or create a separate TEDMED event (i.e., Hive, Great Challenges, etc.).
Access to TEDMED Live is not a license to use the TEDMED brand for any other purpose.
TEDMED Live is not an opportunity to invite outside speakers to give a “TED” or “TEDMED” Talk at one's organization.
TEDMED Live is not an opportunity to video-record and publish a TED or TEDMED Talk.
TEDMED Live is not the opportunity to create a separate program outside the Session themes.
TEDMED Live is not for commercial gain. Any costs associated with organizing a group viewing are the responsibility of the host organization. Attendance fees are not permitted.
TEDMED Live events should not be scheduled outside the week of TEDMED's annual event. 
Brand Guidelines
TEDMED Live requires that all approved organizations adhere to the TEDMED Live Brand Guidelines. Please review them: Brand Guidelines.  
Your TEDMED Live Name
The name of your organization will follow the “TEDMEDLive2018” brand, as you can see here. This is the name that you should request in your application to us. Do not request or use the name of a city, state, or other location.
TEDMED Live Organizer
Anyone approved for TEDMED Live has a great responsibility in building community and being a passionate advocate for the TEDMED brand. As an Ambassador of this community, we ask that when identifying yourself on behalf of your TEDMED Live gathering that you do so in the following format:
Your First and Your Last Name
TEDMED Live Ambassador for [Your Approved Name] 
Please do not use the logos for TEDMED or TEDMED Live as part of your signature.
Copyright 2018 TEDMED, LLC.  All Rights Reserved.




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