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Whether it's with 5 people or 500, we encourage everyone to gather together remotely and join us as part of the TEDMED community. The TEDMED Live program helps us deliver the ideas discussed on our stage to those on the front lines of health and medicine, around the world. 


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Nov 14–16, 2018

Streaming directly from our stage in Palm Springs, California. Don't forget to add your voice on social media using #TEDMED.
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Nov 14–Dec 14, 2018

After the conclusion of each session, video is available on-demand through Dec 14, 2018. You don't have to watch live, experience TEDMED on your time.


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Thanks to our Partners, you could qualify for FREE acess! 

Qualifying Institutions Include:
Teaching Hospitals, Government Agencies, Medical Schools, Schools of Public Health, Nursing Schools and other Academic Institutions.

Non Profit Rate: $7,500

Qualifying Institutions Include:
Non-profits and charitable organizations registered with 501(c)(3) status are eligible for our non-profit access rate of $7,500.

Corporate Rate: $10,000

Qualifying Institutions Include:
All for-profit organizations and corporations are offered our corporate access rate of $10,000.

What is TEDMED Live?

Watch a live simulcast of TEDMED's stage program, in high-definition video, live or on-demand.

We encourage our global community to make the most of their simulcast experience, by hosting a gathering with friends, colleagues, and community members. Gatherings enhance the viewing experience and allow for deeper exploration of the topics discussed during our stage program.



Who Should Join?

Come one, come all! Anyone one who is interested in science, health, and medicine should join in viewing TEDMED's stage program via Livestream. The mission of the TEDMED Live Program is to share TEDMED's content, creating opportunities for organizations and industry leaders on the front lines of health and medicine to come together, experience stories shared on the TEDMED stage, and inspire the exchange of different perspectives and new ideas around the world.

We encourage you to gather members of your organization to view communally, discuss the topics presented, and participate in the conversation through social media using #TEDMED. Not interested in hosting a gathering? Not a problem; you can watch anywhere on your own from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Have a remote gathering by sharing your access code with others in your approved organization, and host a virtual hangout to dive deeper into the stage program.

That's why, thanks to our partners, we make TEDMED Live FREE for qualifying teaching hospitals, government agencies, medical schools, schools of public health, nursing schools, and other academic institutions. We also offer a special rate for non-profit organizations and a corporate rate.  


Where is TEDMED Live?

Video will be made available at  Every approved organization is provided a special code that can be used to access the TEDMED program. 

We encourage participants to host a gathering to enhance their viewing experience. While TEDMED Live can reach anyone with streaming capabilities, discussing the topics presented on stage with a local group of colleagues, students, or friends enriches the community experience.  For more information on how to make the most of your viewing experience, click here



When is TEDMED Live

NOVEMBER 14-16, 2018

Streaming directly from our stage in Palm Springs, California. Don't forget to add your voice on social media using #TEDMED.


After the conclusion of each session, video is available on-demand through Dec 14, 2018. You don't have to watch live, experience TEDMED on your time.



Technical Specifications?

Whether your watching via laptop, tablet, mobile phone, or standard definition, accessing TEDMED Live is as easy to access.

TEDMED Live uses the Livestream content delivery platform which supports a broad range of web and mobile browsers. For the latest technical specifications, please see

The live simulcast stream is sent at four different levels of video quality to accommodate various bandwidths on all mobile devices and desktops meeting our technical requirements.

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