Typically, clarity is thought to emerge from chaos. But as we think about these conditions, we’re inspired by their entangled nature, each acting as provocateurs in their own unique ways. We see them as being engaged in an ongoing conversation. Chaos is the question. Clarity is the answer. The more chaos we embrace, the more clarity we can discover.

Join us at TEDMED 2018, where we'll recognize and embrace the power of Chaos+Clarity in advancing science, global public health, and medical innovation across a wide range of topics.




Session 1: 5:00 pm PST, November 14, 2018

What does it take to truly make a difference? This Session’s Speakers, fueled by a passion and commitment to their work, represent a break in convention. During turbulent times, this pioneering group of scientists, community activists, thought leaders, and survivors bravely push forward in building an inclusive world that embraces new and different perspectives. They create swells of momentum to propel positive and lasting change, ensuring a healthier, safer world for all.   


Session 2: 9:00 am PST, November 15, 2018

What if? This question is the driving force behind change, and it's the fundamental question that sparks innovation. In this Session, each member of TEDMED's Hive Program will take the Stage to explore the power of asking "what if?" and to share the stories and motivation that are driving them to make a lasting and positive impact on the health of humanity. Through a rapid-fire series of short talks, we'll be introduced to new ideas and entirely new perspectives applied to a wide range of areas, such as extreme technological advancements in diagnosing and treating neurological disease, novel sources and approaches to discovering new drugs and therapies, fundamental shifts in the way that we address systemic health problems, and much more. Be prepared to be provoked, informed, and inspired!

Meet The 2018 Hive Innovators

Chris Mansi  –  Co-Founder and CEO, Viz.ai 
David Hoey  –  CEO, Vaxxas
Debbie Lin Teodorescu  –  Founder and President, SurgiBox
Heather Fernandez  –  Co-Founder and CEO, Solv.
John Martin  –  Chief Medical Officer, Butterfly Network
Jonna Mazet  –  Anchor Author, Global Virome Project
Melanie Matheu  –  Founder and CEO, Prellis Biologics
Michael Martin  –  Founder and CEO, RapidSOS
Miriam Huntley  –  Co-Founder and CTO, Day Zero Diagnostics
Nicole Gaudelli  –  Senior Scientist and Program Leader, Beam Therapeutics
Padideh Kamali-Zare  –  Founder and CEO, Darmiyan, Inc
Robert Accordino  –  Chief of Behavioral Health, Quartet Health
Ron Alfa  –  Vice President of Discovery and Product, Recursion
Sean Brady  –  Co-Founder and Scientific Advisor, Lodo Therapeutics
Toyin Ajayi  –  Co-Founder and Chief Health Officer, Cityblock Health
Yuri Maricich  –  Chief Medical Officer and Head of Clinical Development, Pear Therapeutics


Session 3: 11:00 am PST, November 15, 2018

Sometimes, the answers to our questions are right in front of us—the key is knowing where to look. In this Session, we’ll hear from Speakers who steadfastly examined problems from a wide range of angles and perspectives before the solution came into view. They will share surprising discoveries about how we can fight disease with disease, identify the roots of gun violence through the lens of network science, understand the feedback loop between our guts and our brains, and more.


Session 4: 5:00 pm PST, November 15, 2018

Can we put a price on the value of health and wellbeing? In this session, we’ll observe the relationship between the quality of care and the quality of life. Speakers will look at health outcomes of the United States and its neighbors and uncover unsettling health disparities that exist within our communities. Rather than focus on our limitations, they’ll provide examples of how we can use the resources we do have to ensure that quality health care is accessible to all.


Session 5: 9:00 am PST, November 16, 2018

Adolescence—that tumultuous rite of passage between childhood and adulthood. We often begin to grapple with complicated questions about our sense of self and identity during this formative and often challenging stage of life. This Session’s Speakers will guide us through some of the most pressing issues facing today’s youth and explore how we can cultivate self-worth, humanity, and empathy for generations to come.


Session 6: 1:00 pm PST, November 16, 2018

It’s common knowledge that our health is shaped by factors such as what we eat, how much we exercise, and the number of hours we sleep each night. But what about the less obvious factors that also play an important role in our health and well-being—the things in our lives that surround us, every day? In this Session, Speakers will reveal some of the unexpected ways our external environment impacts our mental and physical health, including the sounds we hear but don’t always notice, the spaces and places we spend our days, the adjustments we must make when our environments change dramatically, the behaviors of the people around us, the places we go to heal, and the way we think about the end of life.