In a Nutshell
Mathias Basner studies how the noise we hear everywhere throughout our daily lives affects our health in ways that go far beyond our hearing.
More about Mathias
For the past two decades, Mathias Basner has been studying the effects of noise on sleep. From the sound of airplanes overhead to the hum of traffic outside of people's homes, Mathias has conducted large-scale laboratory and field studies investigating the connection between noise, sleep, and recuperation. In addition to his noise-related research, Mathias has also led sleep-specific studies examining how sleep loss impacts neurobehavioral and cognitive functions, population studies on sleep time and waking activities, and the effects of long-duration space missions on astronaut behavioral health. Mathias is Associate Professor of Sleep and Chronobiology in Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine and President of the International Commission of Biological Effects of Noise. He is also an editorial board member of the journals Sleep Health and Frontiers in Physiology. He is a member of the Sleep Research Society and the German Sleep Research Society, and an advisor to the World Health Organization concerning traffic noise effects on sleep.
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