Abner Mason

What if technology helped a doctor know you as intimately as you know yourself?

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About Abner Mason

Abner Mason is the Founder and CEO of ConsejoSano, the only patient engagement and care navigation solution designed to help clients activate their multicultural patient populations. Abner previously founded and served as CEO for the Workplace Wellness Council of Mexico, the leading corporate wellness company in Mexico with 125 current clients including 40 multi-nationals. From 2002-2009, Abner served as Founder and Executive Director of AIDS Responsibility Project, where he led the successful efforts to create CONAES and JaBCHA, the first business councils on HIV/AIDS in Mexico and Jamaica. Abner was appointed by President George W. Bush to the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS in 2001, where he served as Chairman of the International Sub-Committee from 2002-2005. Abner also served as Chief Policy Advisor, Chief Secretary, and Undersecretary of Transportation and Construction for Massachusetts Governors Paul Cellucci and Jane Swift from 1997-2002. Before joining State Government in Massachusetts, Abner worked for two years as an Associate Consultant at Bain & Company. Abner is a 1985 graduate of Harvard College. Originally from Durham, NC, he now resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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About This Idea

Today's doctors are practicing in a country that's increasingly bilingual and multicultural, however our healthcare system hasn't kept up with this changing American landscape. ConsejoSano, led by Founder and CEO Abner Mason, is working to change that with their more inclusive vision for healthcare. Check out Abner's 2017 TEDMED Hive Talk to learn how the company is designing patient engagement and care navigation solutions that help doctors activate their multicultural, at-risk, and underserved patient populations to better engage with the healthcare system.

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