Lawrence "Rusty" Hofmann

What if the best physicians in the world were accessible to anyone in the world, from anywhere?

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About Lawrence "Rusty" Hofmann

Lawrence “Rusty” Hofmann co-founded Grand Rounds with the vision of making state-of-the-art medical care accessible to everyone, regardless of their geography or needs. He is Chief of Interventional Radiology at Stanford Hospital, a tenured professor of radiology at the Stanford School of Medicine, and a renowned expert in deep vein thromboses (DVTs). Rusty has published more than 100 articles on DVT, peripheral arterial disease and interventional oncology.  Rusty holds a BS in engineering and in biology from the University of Illinois, an MD from Ohio State University College of Medicine, and performed his residency at Johns Hopkins, where he was chief resident.

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About This Idea

Grand Rounds is the leader in identifying high-quality health care providers and connecting patients with these physicians. Founded in 2011, the company provides an employer-based platform that delivers improved outcomes for patients and their families. It does this through an end-to-end solution that connects patients with care informed by the latest and best practices, which prevents and corrects misdiagnoses and unnecessary or failed treatments. Grand Rounds helps restore individual health and quality of life, and offers employers lower health care spending and higher employee productivity.

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