In a Nutshell
Jennifer Chenoweth created The XYZ Atlas, which is an interactive public art project that maps human experiences and emotions by geography and gives individuals and communities an opportunity to become stronger and healthier.
More about Jennifer

Visual artist and entrepreneur Jennifer Chenoweth is the creator of XYZ Atlas, a hedonic map that portrays the feelings, stories and life experiences of people living in and visiting Austin, Texas. Based on hundreds of survey results, Jennifer illustrates the community using psychologist Robert Plutchik’s chart of emotions and corresponding color wheel to visually represent where people experience their most powerful emotional events. Jennifer specializes in contemporary art that continually blurs the lines of the relationship between artists, their work and their audience. In 2010, Jennifer founded Generous Art, which is dedicated to raising money for nonprofits and artists. Jennifer’s most recent placemaking project, titled “Come Over, Come Eat, Come Play,” is an interactive exhibit featuring drawings of historical architecture that moves around Wilkinsburg, PA.

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