TEDMED Recognizes Its Partners

We thank our Partners, who not only help us power the TEDMED event each year, but also enable us to have an impact in Health and Medicine year-round. From fueling our global event, to powering innovation in The Hive, to making the program accessible online for organizations on the front lines of health and medicine around the world via TEDMED Live – Partnerships are essential to driving TEDMED’s mission of shaping a healthier world.


The American Medical Association seeks to help people live longer, healthier lives. By bringing bold initiatives and visionary partners together, the AMA’s core work strives to improve the health of the nation by reinventing medical education, improving health outcomes, and enhancing practice efficiency and professional satisfaction. For the AMA, better delivery of care means delivering real-life impact to meet the changing needs of America’s patients and physicians.

For more than 40 years the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has helped improve health and healthcare. We are continuing to do that today by working with leaders across the nation to build a comprehensive Culture of Health where everyone will have the hope, and realistic opportunities, to thrive. Together we are breaking through barriers to help ensure that all Americans can live longer, healthier lives, now and for generations to come.

Stanford Medicine is breaking through to lead the biomedical revolution in Precision Health – an extraordinary new field that integrates our collective strengths in fundamental research, biomedical data science, patient care, and interdisciplinary scholarship. Through Precision Health, Stanford Medicine is helping people around the world to stay healthy by delivering proactive, preemptive, and preventive solutions and –when needed – precise and personalized healthcare.


Digitas Health LifeBrands is a creative agency purpose-built to connect health and wellness brands with peoples’ deep desire to make healthy and confident choices. We call this “Helping not Selling.” A member of the largest healthcare communications network, Publicis Healthcare, we herald from Philadelphia, New York, London, and San Francisco. 

At TBWAWorldHealth, Disruption helps us to break through the barriers between heart and science. It clarifies convention, accumulated knowledge and activities, and the decisions faced by doctors, patients, and payers with a fresh set of eyes. All in service to creating standout communication and experiences that foster relationships between people seeking treatment, health professionals, and our partners’ brands — achieving healthier outcomes on every level. 

Impact Investors

TEDMED believes that at the current pace of innovation in health and medicine most of us will run out of time to create the lives we want for our children, for our parents, and for ourselves. The operating partners of TEDMED, Jay Walker (Chairman), Jose Suarez (CEO), Shirley Bergin (COO), and Jonathan Ellenthal (President), forged their TEDMED partnership very much as impact investors themselves -- their personal goals inexorably aligned with TEDMED’s mission to accelerate the pace of innovation in health and medicine. We thank our impact investors for joining us in this important mission:  

Ralph & Dorothy Bahna

Ian & Nancy Ashken

Jeff C. Tarr, Sr.

Richard Merkin, MD

Tan Sri Kok Thay "KT" Lim

Harry Peden, III

Joon Yun, MD

Ricardo "Ric" Elias

Joann M. Neth

Ford Franklin Farabow, Jr


Interested in Joining TEDMED's Mission? Contact us at Partner@TEDMED.com.