Faster Adoption of Best Practices

Best Practices Medical progress only occasionally depends on double blind, placebo-controlled studies. Most healthcare improvements come through small, incremental steps across tens of thousands of surgeries, procedures and protocols — from a better way to take a temperature to a better stitch or a better way to ask a question in the ER. But most of these improvements are not captured, shared and replicated across the healthcare system.

Even when best practices are identified and publicized, many providers seem slow to adopt them. What can we do to capture millions of improvements per year and make best practices available to benefit many more providers and patients?

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Thought Leaders For This Challenge

Brian Alper MD

Founder & Editor-in-Chief DynaMed


Anne C. Beal

Chief Operating Officer of the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute


Molly Coye

Chief Innovation Officer, UCLA Health System


Kedar Mate MD

Country Director, IHI South Africa Program


Mitesh Patel MD, MBA

Co-founder, Docphin; RWJ Clinical Scholar, UPenn


Barbra G. Rabson, MPH

Executive Director Massachusetts Health Quality Partners