Addressing the Impact of Poverty on Health

The 46.5 million Americans who live in poverty are measurably less healthy and have far worse health outcomes than the rest of the population. Less certain is how much of these negative health outcomes are directly caused by poverty and how much is caused by other factors.

America would be better off if everyone were healthy, regardless of income — especially since government programs cover some of these costs directly. How should we think about the role and impact of poverty within the larger question of health?

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Thought Leaders For This Challenge

Robert Atkins, PhD, RN

Associate Professor, Nursing/Childhood Studies, Rutgers University Camden


Gary Slutkin MD

Founder, CureViolence


Gail Christopher, DN

Vice President of Program Strategy, W.K. Kellogg Foundation


Rebecca Onie

Co-Founder & CEO, Health Leads


Sandeep Kishore, M.D., PhD

Co-chair, Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network


Christine Simiriglia

Executive Director of Pathways to Housing PA