Achieving More Medical Innovation, More Affordably

New medical tests, treatments and devices are often very expensive when first introduced. Eventually, market forces bring the prices down. However, since most patients don’t pay for healthcare out of their own pockets, they don’t want to wait.

Patients disproportionately demand the latest, best medical products and services immediately — often, even if the demanded good is of marginal relevance to their condition. Leaving out questions of universal access and rationing, how can we make more medical innovations more affordable, more quickly, for more people?

Which proven strategies from Silicon Valley, the Moon landings, the Manhattan Project or other successful models could be applied effectively to achieving faster, yet less costly innovation in health and medicine?

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Thought Leaders For This Challenge

Margaret Anderson

Executive Director, FasterCures


Stacey Chang

Associate Partner and Director, Health & Wellness Practice at IDEO


Chas Roades

Chief Research Officer, The Advisory Board Company


Halle Tecco

CEO, Rock Health


Don Rucker

Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Siemens


Diego Miralles, MD

Head, Janssen Research & Development West Coast Research Center, Janssen Healthcare Innovation and J&J Innovation Center, California