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Celebrating Innovations That Are Transforming
Health & Medicine

Exciting innovations are challenging the status quo across health and medicine in areas like biotech, health IT, mHealth, life sciences, health tech, and more. TEDMED celebrates the ideas behind this progress in a program called The Hive, which is dedicated to celebrating the power of imagination and human potential that emerges from our collective, “hive” mind. 

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Transformative startups and the inspiring entrepreneurs that power them are an important part of the TEDMED community and conversation. Hive participants include a wide range of entrepreneurs such as technologists, designers, scientists and academics; each representing impactful and emerging organizations across the landscape of health and medicine.

See below the exciting curators, companies and entrepreneurs who joined us in previous years, or nominate a person or organization for this year's Hive. 



The Hive Startups
Nomination and Selection Process

All participating hive startups:

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Imagine you aren't able to speak, but others can still understand what you say.
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Imagine controlling your computer with the wave of a hand...during surgery.
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If only doctors could compare drug scores, like brokers compare credit scores.
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Imagine if figuring out your health benefits was as easy as navigating your favorite website.
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Imagine if you could grow new bones using stem cells.
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Why not just roll up your sleeves and create the answer to someone's prayers?
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What if you could just stay home and have your eyes checked online, instead?
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Imagine an entire team of doctors suddenly fits in the palm of a caregiver's hand.
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Why not have a flight deck to prevent medical errors?
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Ever consider what a pill is up to as it travels through your body?
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Who knew graffiti could be mental health therapy? 
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If only patients had a way to "beam up" their doctor.
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Why not spread smiles around the world with a single surgical gift?
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What if it only took one minute for a whole human genome analysis?
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Imagine a game that can strengthen kids' lungs instead of their thumbs. 
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What if you could take your fitness coach everywhere in your pocket?
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Imagine an app that knows you're sick before you do.
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Imagine if your dermatologist could check that rash, anytime, anywhere.
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What if doctors could really get help in the blink of an eye? 
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Imagine if medical researchers could collect data directly from the phones of real patients.
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Why not create a "Quirky.com" to kickstart medical inventions?
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Why not re-program human cells to manufacture the cure?
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Imagine nourishing the world's hungry with a simple, nutritious solution. 
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IMAGINE we could put a health coach in every patient's pocket.
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What if viruses could be turned from killers into healers? 
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Imagine if your doctor could detect a heart attack from miles away.
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What if the surgical probe could be perfectly targeted, every time? 
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What if your keystrokes could repair a birth defect on the other side of the world?
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What if clinicians could just dial up a second opinion? 
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What if your doctor could ask you questions BEFORE you walked in the room?
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What if anyone in the world could find research that mattered to their families? 
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What if autism treatment could begin before signs developed? 
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If only we could remove worry over our elders, WITHOUT removing their independence.
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Progress is a mental health coach in your pocket, there when you need it.
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Imagine doing away with the doctor's office paperwork altogether.
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What if bioinformatics was not the bottleneck in pinpointing disease-causing genes?
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What if patients, not doctors, were the center of the medical universe?
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Imagine every world-class specialist you needed, together in one single office.
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What if checking on your brain was as simple as watching TV?
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Ever consider whether you're getting the right dose of sunshine?
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Why not leverage new-school tech to bring back the old-school house call?
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What if your baby's diaper could spot illness even faster than "Dr. Mom?"
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What if finding that life-saving trial were as easy as online shopping?
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Imagine escaping chronic pain by going to another dimension.
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What if time-lapse photography could catch skin cancer?
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Imagine using physiology to eliminate the pain of getting injections.
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How about “time release” drugs you could set your watch by?
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We can build mobile surgical equipment on the cheap.
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Imagine having someone read your mind...for brain injury.
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What if the solution is to take two asprin and securely IM your doctor in the morning?
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What if a catheter could be magically adjusted from outside the body?
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If only clinicians had an EHR system that thinks like they do.
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Progress is stopping bleeding from the inside out.
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If only new surgeons could look at you through more experienced eyes.
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What if your family’s health accounts were as easy to balance as your bank accounts?
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Imagine you could take the safety of your car's airbags everywhere you go.
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i-Human Patients.png
What if doctors could practice diagnosing on avatars?
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If only vital signs could be read by looking, not touching. 
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Imagine if the blind could "see" with other senses. 
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What if your doctor's advice could be sent to your phone, around the clock?
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What if you finally knew EXACTLY what you were eating?
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Imagine if your camera could capture cancer.
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If only nanotech could put a mini clinical lab inside every home.
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What if providers and caregivers could be on the same virtual page?
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Imagine if your PayPal account could save a life.
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Sometimes being able to do the small things, like you used to, can make the biggest difference.
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We CAN give a voice to those who can't speak.
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Imagine being able to access any health data source through a single API.
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What if all your fitness apps could speak the same language?
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Imagine turning a scary disease into a fun part of your child's everyday routine.
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What if there was a diagnostic tool that provides better results without breaking the bank?
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Imagine a diagnostics laboratory that fits in a labcoat pocket.
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If only every researcher had an army of help.
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Why not move care coordination out-of-the-box and into the cloud?
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Imagine the relief of knowing where you can breathe freely.
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Imagine an EHR system that understood how doctors work.
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What if we stopped prescription drug abuse directly at the source?
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What if there was a way to make sure that you always have the right daily medication?
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Imagine a platform that manages the medicine you take?
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Why not make ordering a genetic test as easy as shopping on Amazon?
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The Hive Nomination
& Selection Process

A Hive organization may be nominated by one of its members, by a colleague, by any member of the TEDMED community, by TEDMED’s Editorial Advisory Board and/or by members of the TEDMED staff. If you would like to nominate an organization for the Hive, please use our online nomination form below. 

TEDMED also consults incubators, accelerators, academic institutions, innovation centers and venture capitalists for nominations that should be considered for the Hive. If you are from, or know of, an accelerator, incubator or innovation center that should be included in our nomination process, you can contact us here.

All Hive nominees are referred to TEDMED and its Editorial Advisory Board. TEDMED also relies on outside feedback from our Research Scholars, a diverse group of carefully selected experts who have professional training, objective knowledge, and institutional credibility. 

These groups work collaboratively to evaluate each nominated Hive organization and its leadership in order to ensure scientific rigor and credibility, topical relevance, and cutting-edge innovations that reflect the power of human potential and challenge the status quo across health and medicine.


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Please fill out as much information as you're able to, in the form below. The more information you provide, the better our team will be able to evaluate and consider your nomination. 

We consider ALL nominations that come through, but because of submission volume, we are unable to respond to each.  Rest assured, your nomination will be fairly evaluated.

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