2014 Stage Program

“Unlocking Imagination in Service of Health and Medicine” is our focus from September 10-12 as we welcome some of the most respected and undiscovered names in science, journalism, education, business and technology to our stage.

Join us to explore the possibilities of a healthier future.

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Session 1

Turn It Upside Down

This opening session of TEDMED 2014 introduces surprising insights that flip beliefs, question standard operating procedures, discard some closely held assumptions and lead to fresh insights about health and medicine. Below, we proudly introduce the speakers and artists for this session. 
Thomas Goetz
Visionary Health Entrepreneur & Writer
Ted Kaptchuk
Placebo Investigator
E. Bimla Schwarz
Women’s Health Truth-Teller
Erica Frank
Virtual Medical School Pioneer
Jared Heyman
Crowd Wisdom Channeler
Heather Raffo
Global Witness / Artistic Healer
Sonia Shah
Social Justice Science Journalist
Farah Siraj
Global Humanitarian Musician
Danielle Ofri
Reflective Physician
Elliot Swart
Smart Dermatologic Cameraman

Session 2

We Just Don’t Know

This session explores the liberation that can happen when we recognize the limits of our knowledge – those transformational moments when we realize that the more we know, the more we realize how little we know. Below, we proudly introduce the speakers and artists for this session. 
Tig Notaro
Counterintuitive Comedian
Jeffrey Iliff
Glymphatic Scientist
Zsolt Bognár
Concert Pianist
Gary Conkright
Predictive Analytics Entrepreneur
Amy McGuire
Genomic Bioethicist
Elizabeth Nabel
Medical Leader
Daniel Webster
Gun Violence Preventer
Rosie King
Storytelling Activist

Session 3

Flat Out Amazing

This session focuses on imagination at the far edge of possibility, featuring stories of the seemingly impossible acts, facts or events that should inspire and dazzle even the most cynical or sophisticated listener. Below, we proudly introduce the speakers and artists for this session. 
Kitra Cahana
Incisive Photographer
Gail Reed
Cuban Health Care Expert
Diana Nyad
Open Water Swimming Champion
Foteini Agrafioti
Biometrics Entrepreneur
Marc Koska
Persistent Inventor / Global Life-Saver
Elizabeth Holmes
Medical Diagnostics Game Changer

Session 4

Stealing Smart

The session demonstrates how some of the best solutions to problems in health and medicine come from other worlds than the domain where the problem originated or is usually addressed. Below, we proudly introduce the speakers and artists for this session.  
Abraham Verghese
Attentive Physician / Passionate Storyteller
Nina Tandon
Tissue Engineer
Zachary Copfer
Dominick Farinacci
Worldly Trumpeter
Nora Volkow
Explorer of the Human Brain
Ramanan Laxminarayan
Drug Resistance Economist
Brian Primack
Media and Medicine Researcher
Stephen Goldner
Clinical Trials Matchmaker
Leslie Morgan Steiner
Motherhood Investigator
Barbara Natterson-Horowitz
Zoobiquitous Physician
Drew Lakatos
Trauma Prevention Technologist

Session 5

Don’t You Dare Talk About This

This session will raise controversial issues in health and medicine that many people are reluctant to discuss publicly. Below, we proudly introduce the speakers and artists for this session.  
Heather Raffo
Global Witness / Artistic Healer
Amy Baxter
Pain Deflector
Elizabeth Kenny
Patient Performer
Patricia Horoho
Army Surgeon General
Leana Wen
Transparent Physician
Sigrid Fry-Revere
Organ Donation Ethicist
Carl Hart
Drug Data Dealer

Session 6

Play Is Not a Waste of Time

This session reveals the many ways that imagination rewards us, specifically how health and medicine are enhanced through the extraordinary power of play. Below, we proudly introduce the speakers and artists for this session. 
Rupa & The April Fishes
Rock Star Hospitalist / Rebel Musician
Howard Rose
Health Games Designer
Cole Galloway
Pediatric Motor Learning Scientist & Designer
Jill Vialet
Recess Champion
Kayt Sukel
Edgy Science Writer
Gerardo Contino
Cuban Musician
Carla Pugh
Haptic Educator

Session 7

Human Nature Inside and Out

This session offers new views and unusual perspectives that reveal who we are as human beings and the impact of our environment on our health. Below, we proudly introduce the speakers and artists for this session.  
Debra Jarvis
Irreverent Reverend
Inspector Gadje
Balkan Brass Band
Peggy Battin
End-of-Life Ethicist
Uzma Samadani
Brain Trauma Detective
Art of Motion Dance Theatre
Modern Repertory Dance Company
Zsolt Bognár
Concert Pianist
Jen Hyatt
Global Social Entrepreneur
Jeff Karp
Bio-Inspired Innovator
Tiffany Shlain
Interconnected Filmmaker
Julian Treasure
Sound Evangelist
Emery Brown
Anesthesia Neuroscientist
Mariana Figueiro
Illumination Researcher

Session 8

Weird and Wonderful

This session offers a joyful survey of surprising combinations and remarkable results. It’s about science and health trends that came out of left field, defied expectations or simply seem completely off the wall, in a good way. Below, we proudly introduce the speakers and artists for this session. 
Josh Stein
Serial Entrepreneur
Sophie de Oliveira Barata
Imaginative Prosthetics Sculptor
Cathy Ladman
Self-Probing Comic
Resa Lewiss
Point-of-Care Ultrasound Educator
Eric Chen
Scientific Wunderkind
John La Puma
Culinary Medicine Pioneer
Mark Levatich
Disruptive Biomedical Engineer
Joshua Roman
Versatile Cellist
John Cryan
Bob Carey
Tutu Self-Portraitist
Marc Abrahams
Science Humorist
Rupal Patel
Speech Scientist

Session 9

I Was Just Thinking Too Small

This session encourages us to step back and see the full picture, realizing that a narrow focus can be as limiting as it is productive. Below, we proudly introduce the speakers and artists for this session. 
Heather Raffo
Global Witness / Artistic Healer
Ram Sahasranam
Catalyst and Connector
Rebecca Adamson
Global Indigenous Economics Maven
Daniel Kohane
Drug Delivery Innovator
Gypsy Allstars
East-West Fusion Musicians
Nadine Burke Harris
Stress Doctor
Robin Guenther
Sustainable Healthcare Architect

TEDMED 2014 Co-Hosts

Here are your tour guides to each of our sessions. For the first time in TEDMED history, we have invited co-hosts from outside the organization to join forces with those on the inside.This year, our new partner institutions, Stanford and UCSF, are represented among our San Francisco emcees. 

San Francisco, CA

Shirley Bergin
TEDMED’s Superhero In Residence
Carlos Bustamante
Race-Debunking Geneticist
Sheri Fink
Medical Emergency Journalist
Adam Gazzaley
Brain Game-Changer

Washington, DC

Nassim Assefi
TEDMED’s Curatorial Mixologist
Jon Ellenthal
TEDMED’s Keeper of the Flame
Sandeep Kishore
Physician / Scientist / Global Activist
David Moinina Sengeh
Biomechatronics Engineer / Artist / Activist